Transformation Academy aims to equip and empower people. Transformation Academy provides vocational and life skills to equip youth to transform society using their gifts, talents and abilities.

Transformation Academy is a Private Training Establishment. The staff have an extensive range of experience in education and bring specific expertise to the training and education that the Academy offers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer young people interest based teaching and learning that enables them to transform their lives and those around them.

Our Goals

  • To have a lasting transformational effect on individuals that enables them to transform society through excellence in their respective skill areas.
  • To provide programmes for young people who, for whatever reason, mainstream schooling and/or alternative education has failed them.
  • To provide practical learning to hold the learner’s interest and restore their faith in their ability to learn.
  • To create a culture of Whanau Ora where young people can be encouraged to move toward academic excellence.
  • To create a culture where young people attracted to the Transformation Academy experience good role models and mentoring.
  • To instil a culture of vocation, purpose and self-worth by encouraging the use of skills that are unique to the student.

Who is Transformation Academy For?

  • 16-19 year olds who are at risk of or who have dropped out of school. Exceptions may be made for 15 year olds.
  • School leavers.
  • Those who for whatever reason, mainstream schooling has failed.
  • Young unskilled unemployed.
  • Those for whom alternative education didn’t meet their needs.

New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills (Level 1)

This programme has a minimum of 60 credits and is delivered over a 22 week semester, twice per year, and includes a two week mid-semester break.

It is a full-time programme (Monday - Friday), consisting of five hours classroom learning days combined with one hour of self-directed learning.

We offer students the opportunity to utilize their creative abilities and provide a performance platform to showcase their skills.

This qualification will give students confidence to be able to use the skills in this course to either go on to further learning or find a job that is suitable for them. Students will be able to gain the necessary literacy and numeracy unit standards in order to gain NCEA Level 1.