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Mac Andrae


Mac Andrae

Mac Andrae, of Samoan heritage, is a young man who grew up in the low decile community of Maraenui, Napier. A success story of the neighbourhood, Mac beat the odds of his demographic and geographic by completing high school successfully and then graduating from University – not once, but twice.

After graduating from Victoria University of Wellington with a Law and an Accounting Degree (LLB/BCA in Commerce) and then being admitted to the bar, Mac, his wife and children relocated back to Napier where he had grown up.

Returning home provided an opportunity to assist with the Community in which his father was a prominent Minister. Mac had the opportunity to rebuild a Childcare Centre for the community. He used his business training to build new trust structure and accountability policies to be able to assure MOE they could commence. After building SELO (Strengthening Early Learning Opportunities) relationships with a strong provider and further negotiations, this became a reality in August 2013.

After sustainably building and restaffing this centre, Mac also took under the Trust’s wing the management of Kings Afcare and Holiday Programme Trust and subsequently Kings Leadership College. In late 2014, after seeing a huge need with Health for Pacific Island People in Hawkes Bay and talks with the DHB, Mac established Kings Force Health Charitable Trust to carry out the new Whanau Ora contract (through pasifika futures). This initiative provided Whanau Ora for 63 families around Hawkes Bay and was the first time such a contract had been entrusted to a Pacific Island Organisation in the Hawkes Bay for a long time.

In addition, Mac has worked in many other forums, organisations and committees dedicated to bringing transformation to struggling communities. These include Te Kupenga Hauora – Napier (initially as a Youth Worker then an Information Analyst), Pacific Leaders Network, Aere Tai Collective and others. Mac is also well connected with successful producers and artists who are supportive in this new initiative.

With Mac’s Legal and Accounting Background and his business experience in creating sustainable organisations, Mac will be hugely important to the organisation in bringing Transformation to the region through this initiative.

Debbie Smith

Management Committee

Debbie has a strong ability to assess a situation with confidence, work with the skill sets of available people, implement strategies for success, evaluate the outcomes, and reassess the project direction, as necessary.

Debbie has experience in Fashion Design and Production Management but after a change in family circumstances, took time out to care for a young family and gain her Bachelor of Business Studies from Massey University. She used her degree to enter and very successfully complete a Post-Graduate Teaching Diploma (Primary) course at Massey University, Albany and started Primary School teaching. She developed a passion for helping students with a variety of special needs to become successful in their schooling. Eventually, Debbie completed a Master in Education (Gifted and other Special Needs Education and Online Learning).

Debbie is also an author of Teaching Resources, a well-received public speaker on Environmental issues, and has written an Online Journalism Course for gifted writers and has researched and updated online gifted courses for Massey University. All these experiences make her a valuable asset in building Transformation Academy.

Moira Peautagi-Brown

Management Committee

Moira Peautagi-Brown is of Niuean and Samoan heritage. She is an Associate Pastor at Harbourside Church, responsible for Community Transformation. She is also one of two directors that co-founded ‘The Auckland Dream Centre’.

The Auckland Dream Centre merged with Harbourside Church on March 1st, 2015, and is the expression of Community Transformation for the church.

Moira is responsible for leading and ensuring that there is an authentic community with genuine connection, multi-cultural and multi-generational, experiencing real, intimate and loving relationships that are conducted with honour and faithfulness. The main aim is to ensure human needs are impacted with the love of Christ.

During her tenure, Pastor Moira Peautagi-Brown has worked for government, community organisations and in her own business providing consultancy services for employment placements. She later spent time overseas in Arizona obtaining pastor disciplines alongside her husband and two children.

Moira serves on a few charitable trust boards – Minister Pacific Peoples Advisory Council and also NZ Police Commissioner National Pacific Advisory.

Moira has served for almost 10 years at BEST Pacific Institute of Education in various leadership roles including Administration Manager of the Senior Management team. The Administration Department’s mandate was to provide excellent frontline support staff as well as excelling in support services for students and internal staff departments. The role as Administration Manager was multi- faceted and largely operational - requiring oversight of tasks such as Department Support, Budget Management, Financial Forecasting and Acquittals, Procurement, Asset and Property Management, Discrete contingency advice or services, Executive Management services, Secretarial services, Staff Performance Management and Appraisal, and leading comprehensive internal as well as external Event Management.

Pieter Watson

Management Committee

Training and development has been a specialist focus for Pieter in his career. He knows the benefit and cost of focusing staff on quality in order to efficiently achieve the organisation's goals, and the role of written procedures to enable rapid learning and implementation. During Pieter's 15 years in the tertiary sector he has helped new and existing tertiary education organisations achieve success with NZQA accreditations, approvals, audits and evaluations, degree applications and monitoring, programme approvals and changes, self assessment and external evaluation and review.

Pieter has successfully assisted several organisations with Category 1 EER outcomes, as well as TEC funding applications, Investment Plans and Single Data Return reporting. He has been the National Manager of a SAC-funded PTE that also had international students and which ran ESOL and foundation courses as well as multi-year qualifications including a Bachelors with staircasing to polytechs and international universities.

Along with quality assurance and communication within organisations, he is skilled and experienced in market analysis and marketing. He is specially interested in stakeholder engagement to ensure optimum educational outcomes that align with community aspirations as well as industry need.

For the Graduate Diploma Pieter researched quality reporting within PTEs, including how the various Student Management Systems can be used to track and report student achievement.

His special interest is how the quality focus within TEOs aligns with current NZQA emphasis on Self Assessment, and with the TEC emphasis on Education Performance Indicators. He has read and analysed hundreds of EER reports.

Pieter has a proven record of providing practical training and documentation to ensure staff are engaged with relevant measures and procedures. By identifying shared goals and streamlining reporting he has helped bring positive outcomes for many organisations.

He has run workshops on self-assessment and EER at several ITENZ conferences, including "Self assessment starts with a Y" at the September 2014 ITENZ conference.

Dr Sarah Hetrick

Management Committee

Dr Sarah's clinical knowledge and research will enable us to initiate accepted practices to ensure successful outcomes for the students. As well as this she is able to provide systems to measure and evidence transformation in young people who enter the project.

Dr Hetrick (DPsych, PGCertHSc, MA, BA) is a clinical psychologist and Senior Research Fellow in the Centre of Excellence, Orygen Youth Health Research Centre, The Centre for Youth Mental Health, Melbourne University and The National Youth Mental Health Foundation. Among her many achievements and roles, Dr Hetrick, within the Centre of Excellence, leads the area of knowledge translation and exchange and holds an NHMRC training fellowship, the focus of which is on evidence implementation for youth depression.

Sarah's knowledge and networks will be key to the success of Transformation Academy.